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February is Black Dog and Cat Syndrome Awareness Month.  Statistics show that black cats and dogs are less likely to be adopted than other pets.
Why? We can’t figure it out.  Some have said that the reason could be because lighter animals generally photograph better, and therefore get more attention on adoption websites.  Whatever the reason, people are missing out on great pets.. like Penny.

Penny xmas

Penny is a cute 14 month old mixed pup aprox. 35lbs that is just perfect for a family.  She is good with kids and other dogs.  She loves to play with toys and go on long walks but is happy to hang out on the couch when its time to relax.

Penny in repose

Penny has learned so much and is ready to be a great family member.  She knows basic commands like sit, down and off.  She is potty trained and crate trained.

Penny sit

Penny would love to have another dog to play with or play dates with neighborhood dogs.

Penny play

Most of all you should adopt Penny because she is super cute and super smart.  Apply to adopt Penny HERE.


Have A Heart, Inc. is a small, volunteer Canine Rescue in South Florida.  We save dogs from municipal animal shelters and keep them safe until a new home can be found.  Our mission is to Rescue, Re-home and Educate.  
 We are a certified 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, No-Kill Organization.  We require a short application with references as well as a home visit.  At the time of adoption we respectfully request an adoption donation to help cover the cost of veterinary care, vaccines, spay/neuter, microchip, food, enrichment and basic care.


Minnie Mouse

Minnie is a lovable, very athletic and smart 1.5-2yr Staffordshire Terrier Mix. She is a beautiful brindle color. She loves to play fetch and enjoys a good cuddle. Minnie is great with kids and needs to be properly and slowly introduced to other dogs. She is potty trained and is looking forward to continuing her obedience training. Make a date to meet Minnie Mouse by calling 561-235-DOGS.

Hershey Anyone

ADOPTED!!!  Hershey is a lovable well-behaved, very social and smart 4-5 month old puppy.  He is a chocolate lab mix (with Springer Spaniel, we think)  He loves to play and romp with the other puppies and enjoys a good cuddle.  Hershey is great with kids and other dogs.  He is doing great with his potty training and is looking forward to learning basic commands.  Make a date to meet Hershey by calling 561-235-DOGS.




Lil’ Orphan Annie

ADOPTED!!  Annie is full of spunk and always ready to play and explore.  She is 4-5 months old and working diligently on her potty training.

Annie is social with other dogs, kids and has spent time with cats.  She is looking for a loving home with a family that will keep her forever.

Please don’t let Annie spend her puppy-hood behind bars.  Make a date to meet Annie by calling 561-235-DOGS.

Luther Needs A Home

ADOPTED!!!!  Every dog has his day.  However, Luther’s day has not yet come.  Luther is a sweet, friendly and loving 3.5 year old pup.   Luther would love to be an only dog as he prefers not to share his toys or his treats.  He is good with children, loves toys, walks well on a leash and is easy to care for.  Luther would love to be an only dog as he prefers not to share his toys or his treats.  Make a date to meet Luther by calling 561-235-DOGS.


Jack – Mixed Breed Puppy

ADOPTED!!  Jack is a mixed breed puppy.  He is well-behaved and loves to play with other pups.  Jack is approximately 4 months old and would make a great family pet.  He is social with other dogs, kids and has been around cats.  Make a date to play with Jack by calling 561-235-DOGS.

Leo Diamond

American Bulldog Mix

ADOPTED!!  Leo is a big puppy who loves to play with his toys and enjoys the company and attention of humans.  Leo is a young boy who is doing well with his basic training and leash walking.

Leo is gentle and enjoys cuddling or just sitting at your feet.  This one guy you just have to meet.  His big goofy smile will melt your heart.


Mary Mary

Mary-Mary, is a sweet and active gal.  She enjoys playing fetch, going for walks and spending quality time with her ‘Wubba’.

Mary seeks an active family who enjoys walks and lots of playtime.

Send an e-mail to to set up a meet and greet with Mary-Mary.





How cute is this little guy.  Wilbur is playful and fun.  He is good with other dogs and enjoys a good cuddle.  He is full grown at about 45lbs and just a little shy upon first meeting someone new.

We are posting Wilbur as a courtesy to his wonderful foster mom who saved him and has done such a good job of getting him ready for a home of his own.


The ultimate toy lover!  EJ can always be found with his toy in his mouth.  EJ is a happy boy who loves to go jogging or romp around the dog park.  EJ gets along with other dogs and lived with a smaller dog in the past.  EJ is very loving and enjoys a good butt rub.  He knows some basic commands and really enjoys his chew treats.